Innocent Kush Tyagi (10) who was playing in the park of Sanjay Nagar Sector-23 of Ghaziabad was attacked by a pit bull dog and seriously injured. Kush’s surgery lasted for about two and a half hours, in which he received 150 stitches. He was admitted to the hospital for three days. On Thursday, after the video of the dog attack went viral, the municipal corporation imposed a fine of five thousand on the owner of the dog, Lalit Tyagi. Kush’s father Sachin Tyagi said that on September 3, Lalit’s daughter was walking the dog. He ran away from her and attacked Kush. People could hardly separate Kush from dog. This is the third case of dog attack in Ghaziabad in seven days. Earlier, a dog attacked a child in the lift in Rajnagar Extension. After this, the child was bitten by a dog in the book alley.

The pitbull dog kept biting for ten seconds.

American Pit Bull Dog Attacked Child in Ghaziabad in the park of Sanjay Nagar Sector-23. After giving a blow, the dog that came out of the girl’s hand continued to bite the girl for 10 seconds. In the attack, Kush bled and his face was also stripped of flesh. He had five deep wounds on his cheek, ear and hand. The surgery lasted two and a half hours and 150 stitches were used to fill them.

After staying in the hospital for three days, the child who reached home is surprised. The video went viral on social media on Thursday after the CCTV footage of the September 3 incident was found. This is 23 seconds. It is seen that the daughter of Lalit Tyagi of the colony is walking the dog. Far Kush is playing with friends. Suddenly the dog escapes from the girl’s hand and runs at lightning speed and pounces on Kush. When he falls down, the dog continues to bite him for ten seconds.

The child screams loudly.

A young man comes to rescue her but the dog has a hold on Kush so tightly that he cannot get rid of her. Seeing this, another young man comes. Together they remove the dog, then it separates from Kush and runs away. Kush’s father Sachin said that he took his son to Sarvodaya Hospital. Surgery was done there on Sunday.

Hearing the sound of the dog, Kush got scared.

Sachin Tyagi said that after hearing the sound of the dog, Kush started getting scared. He is lying in bed at home, but the fear is so great that he cannot live alone. Someone lives with him. However, if a dog is heard from outside, it gets scared and grabs anyone sitting nearby.

A fine of five thousand on the owner of the dog for treating the child.

Sachin Tyagi said that 1.25 lakh rupees have been spent on his son’s treatment. On the other hand, after the video of the dog attack went viral, the Municipal Corporation has issued a notice of five thousand rupees fine to the owner of the dog, Lalit Tyagi. It warns that if the fine is not paid, the dog will be confiscated.

This fine has been imposed due to non-registration of the dog. Earlier, a fine of five thousand was also imposed for a dog attacking a child in the lift of the society of Rajnagar Extension. Police were informed by calling 112 regarding the Sanjay Nagar incident. The police came to the spot and left saying that if you want to file a report then go to the police station and file a complaint.

A woman was killed in Lucknow, the girl’s ear was cut off in Lucknow

Pitbull attacks have become more common among dangerous breed dogs. A dog of the same breed killed its 80-year-old owner Sushila Tripathi on July 13 in Lucknow. She was walking with him on the terrace. The dog had bitten them in such a way that their flesh had split in many places. In Loni, a dog of the same breed had cut off the girl’s ear.

The dog was dragging the girl swinging on the swing. Khawaish’s father Prem Kumar said that the doctors have said that the daughter will have to do plastic surgery to make an ear from the rib bone. It will cost a lot. They filed a report against the owner of the dog on August 30, but the police did not take any action.